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Adding a Second Postfix Instance on one Server

Base reference:

  • Add an ip address to the server (e.g.
ip addr add dev eth0 # or see /etc/network/interfaces
  • Copy the /etc/postfix directory and all files
rsync -av /etc/postfix/ /data/postfix/conf
  • Create an additional spool directory
mkdir /data/postfix/spool && rsync -av /var/spool/postfix/{dev,etc,lib} /data/postfix/spool/
  • Create an additional data directory
mkdir /data/postfix/data; chown postfix.postfix /data/postfix/data
  • Edit the config files
    • /data/postfix/conf/
inet_interfaces =
smtp_bind_address =
queue_directory = /data/postfix/spool/
data_directory = /data/postfix/data/
    • /etc/postfix/ (default configuration file)
alternate_config_directories = /data/postfix/conf/
  • use postfix-install to create missing files and set/update the permissions
postfix post-install config_directory=/data/postfix/conf/ set-permissions upgrade-configuration create-missing
  • check & start
postfix -c /data/postfix/conf/ check
postfix -c /data/postfix/conf/ start
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