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HP Integrated Lights-Out (ILO)

Standard/onboard on HP DL3xx G3+ Servers. See http://h18004.www1.hp.com/products/servers/management/ilo/ .

If you are running a Unix-like OS (= no graphical output), you usually will not really need the Advanced Edition. Of course, dont forget to turn off all graphical stuff (graphical GRUB menu, boot splashes, X11 on boot, etc).

On the other hand, the Advanced Edition allows for a few nice usage cases:

  • full remote installation (RedHat EL needs X11 for full customization during install)
  • remote "offline" firmware upgrade (the HP Software Maintenance CD needs X11 and a Mouse)
  • CD/Floppy forwarding from your workstation, or from HTTP Servers

You can enter the same Advanced Edition license key on multiple servers - but you cannot remove it from an ILO! You better have the correct count of Licenses ...

Newer firmware versions (1.70+) support SSH and SMASH CLP.

HP Integrated Lights-Out 2 (ILO2)

Standard/onboard on HP DL3xx G5+ Servers.

Basically the same as the old HP ILO, but with new quirks :)

  • No longer has textmode support. You need the Advanced Edition if you want to see any Video Output.
  • But has a Virtual Serial Port, so you could use ttyS0 as your console.
  • SSH can only drive the VSP.

Upgrade to at least 1.8x to fix most problems, including long login delays, spontanous ILO2 reboots, etc. Upgrade to 2.00 for a way faster web interface.

SSH-Tunnel for Java Console Applet

sudo ssh -L 443: -L 22: -L 23: youruser@gatewayhost

Note that you need to stop your locally running sshd before starting ssh, and then go to https://localhost/ in your browser (which will complain about the wrong hostname).

Virtual CD-ROM

To set up a virtual CD-ROM, which uses an ISO File on a remote location as its source, try this, via ssh:

vm cdrom insert
vm cdrom set connect
vm cdrom set boot_always

Compaq RILOE

The good old plug-in cards from Compaq. Work in the DL360G1/2, DL380G1 and possibly in other servers. Supports text-mode only, but floppy images (can be used to load etherboot from the floppy image and then let it pxe-boot).

Dell ...

SMASH CLP useful commands

  • reset /system1/power ...
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