HP SSL1016 tape autoloader

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HP SSL1016 tape autoloader

This Autoloader has two magazines which can hold each 8 Ultrium Tapes. The model comes with one Ultrium Drive up to 400/800 GB Tapes. It has an front mail slot for quick load or eject of a single tape.

The Autoloader has a webinterface for management for the tapes, like load, eject, move, firmware upgrade and other diagnostic runs. It is connected through an UW-3 SCSI. I recommend a dedicated card to keep up with the high speed from the Ultrium Tape.

Mechanical Problems and Solutions

As this is a mechanical thing with tons of moving parts things can get stuck. Possible problems are mostly a stuck tape in the loader arm.

Below I try to explain how to get tapes out and how te remove the magazines manualy.

Please refer also to the manual, but it is a bit confusing sometimes, so I try to give a more detailed description here

Remove the Magazines

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