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Cricket Monitoring


Cricket is similar to mrtg. The advantage of cricket is the possiblity to inherit configuration data in the config tree and therefore create a big tree in very short time. You could config the default layout for a server and then just create all the server entries with their connection data below this default entry.

Cricket works with snmp and therefore a basic knowledge of snmp is needed to get it running.

There are various helper scripts & configs out.

Contrib Packages


Communigate Pro Config

I wrote a configuration file for cricket, so it can read out all the snmp values from CommuniGate Pro. The configuration file consists out of two files. The main Default configuration and the servers configuration.

The best way is to create this folder structure below the circket/config/ directory


put the Default file into the mail/cgpro and the servers file into the <> directory.

In the servers configuration file you need to change the Target --default-- part only

Target --default--
    server = "<ip>"
    community = "<snmp community string>"
    directory-desc = "<a directory description>"

The rest can be kept as is, unless you want to remove or add graphs to the overview page.

Configuration files for CommuniGatePro


grapher.cgi patch for more control

I created various changes to the grapher file to have more functionality and control. Some of those are

  • define size of the rrdpgrah
  • turn on and off the legend
  • control "max" bar depending on time
  • range control
  • add graphs via config file to the overview page
  • add data legend
  • other changes

Before applying the patch, you should of course make a backup.

With new Parameters you can pass these query values to the mini_grapher.cgi are:

  • range: timestamp range to show
  • width/height: width and height of graph
  • use-gprint: if set to 1 it show the min/max/curr legend
  • show-max: set to 0, to hide the max graph line, even if defined in config file
  • no-legend: yes/no, hide the complete legend below

Patch for grapher.cgi

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