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The guys behind this

See the Team page and/or the User:-pages.

Why are we doing this?

The motivation behind doing this site was gathering and sharing information which is needed often enough in the daily life of a systems administrator so that documentation would be helpful, but seldom enough to actually remember it by heart. Reacquiring this information, when it's not documented, can be time consuming and frustrating.

Another aspect is giving other people insight on what worked for us, which setups and solutions are worth trying and which ones are dead ends. Everybody has different specializations and works on different setups with different scenarios. Usually information-sharing ends at the boundaries of your team or company; with offering this place we hope to lift that barrier.

What we aren't

This wiki is targeted at proficient administrators and users. You won't find step-by-step guides to get your services up and running and we won't offer basic unix support either. There are enough other services and sites for that kind of audience.

Can I contribute?

Absolutely. Public sign up is disabled though.

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